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One Third Fuel Consumption For Friction

• arclein
However, new technology can reduce friction by anything from 10% to 80% in various components of a car, according to a joint study by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) in USA. It should thus be possible to reduce car's fuel consumption and emissions by 18% within the next 5 to 10 years and up

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Way back in the late '60s, Al Amatuzio, a jet fighter pilot, recognized the better qualities that synthetic oils possessed over regular oil. He started the Amsoil company to bring synthetics to the people of America.

Since then, the things that he and many others have known for a long time, has trickled into the market place. Today, many companies recognize that synthetic is way better than petroleum.

One of the big areas is the anti-friction qualities of synthetics.

Anti-friction has been known about for years. Synthetics were developed (though not invented) by Hitler's WWII technicians for use in the first jet engines, engines that petroleum oil isn't strong enough for.

Why have car manufacturers ignored synthetics until the recent decade or two? For the same reason that they will continue to ignore them mostly. They cost way more to produce than petroleum oils.

The only reason that people are seeing anything about them now is that the Green people are promoting things like this. And like the windmills, the expense will be born by the people and will not really prove to be cost effective. It's just another potential way for Government to get their hands into you pocket.

Amsoil has a system, by the way, that makes using synthetic oils economically viable. Probably none of the other oil manufacturers, or the car companies, has a system as good as Amsoil's.