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Fear and Greed: The Real Political Parties of the State

The State is the physical embodiment of two emotional states of being, those being fear and greed.  If all of humanity were to conquer these two emotional states, there would be no State.  It is only through inner-reflection on our spiritual selves that fear and greed can be overcome.  In all that the State does, it first evokes these emotional states though propaganda before it is able to move its agenda forward.  It is interesting to note that the two party system of America is distinctly split between these two emotional states.  Republican’s being the party of fear while democrats embody the party of greed.

You can pick any singular political issue and ask any statist member of the general public why they support a State solution to the given political issue and you will always find the emotional states of fear or greed driving their decision to advocate the use of violence against their neighbor.  Typically what you’ll find are people who project their own fear or greed onto others, which results in their calls for violence.

Let us take public schooling as an example.  When you ask a statist why they support public schooling, the typical response will be that poor children would be left uneducated if there was no violently funded public schooling.  So lets break down that answer and look at the emotional states that drive people to support it.