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Ron Paul's Weapon - The Constitution "Whip" Part 1

Dr. Manning shares some light on Ron Paul's Weapon "THE CONSTITUTION". Vote Ron Paul 2012 - "The truth is the only weapon the wicked fear"

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Comment by Ufactdirt
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It’s about hating the Government like Ron Paul do. He is the only one among the GOP nominees who has the nerve to call himself a "Constitutionalist". He thinks that by "adhering" to the Constitution makes him a Constitutionalist. He is the only Constitutional expert that I know, and an economic expert that I know who became a "Constitutionalist" and an "Economist" by delivering more than 400 babies [his words].

Going back to your question, there is no such place on this planet where there is no form of some kind of "government". Even Apes have some form of "government". My advance study of Metaphysics tells me that there is no life form in the Universe that is not governed by some form of "government" or order. But revolutionary Libertarian anarchists believe that they can exist without a Government … without a State – which is delusional.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Ufactdirt, if they don’t need a Government to interpret the Constitution, don’t you think they should be in a country where there is no Government? But do tell me, where can they find a country without a Government? Maybe in an island in the Pacific where Robinson Crusoe was once his own Government who governed himself? There is no Government there except himself. If he misinterprets himself as his own Government, he has only himself to blame, don’t you think so?

Comment by Ufactdirt
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Don't annoy the reading public with your suffocating ignorance.

You don’t understand the issue either. The issue is INTERPRETING the Constitution when its provisions need to be clarified in a case brought before the court of law.

You must know that the Constitution DOES NOT EXPLAIN its life-defining Articles and sectional provisions. Details are found in law passed by Congress to implement those constitutional provisions.

You may consider the Constitution as a supreme "guideline" written in "general" not "specific" terms. When ambiguity of the law implementing the Constitution is challenged, you do not interpret it yourself, especially telling the world like a loony that you are right. That’s what legal pretenders do, like what Ron Paul does … or what oddballs from the lunatic fringe who believed that they are "Constitutionalists" do. You go to Court where the Judge or the U.S. Supreme Court Justices interpret the Constitution for you.

In the Separation of Powers, Congress pass the law, the Executive executes the law, and the Court interprets the law -- fundamentals in the study of law.

If you want to discuss this with me any further, my advice is, you MUST go to law school first to know more about all those fundamentals. Don’t cheese me off or annoy the reading public with that suffocating ignorance. People like me had gone to law school so that they couldn't be like you. [Nothing personal ... no offense intended.]

Comment by PureTrust
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The Constitution is a great piece of work. It has and has had far-reaching effects. It creates order out of disorder among the people.

Ron Paul, in promoting Constitutional adherence among Government people, is attempting to save the Constitution. The saving of the Constitution by adhering to its plain language will continue to provide order and organization for both Government people and non-Government people.

Government people are the ones who are directed by the Constitution. But that doesn't stop the people from interpreting it among themselves. And interpret it they will, just as they have all along.

If Government people are not willing to interpret the Constitution according to its own simple language - the language that the people use - that won't stop the people from continuing to interpret it. And when the people get fed up enough with the ways that Government people interpret the Constitution, against the people, all of a sudden there won't be any Government people any more. And there probably won't be a Constitution, either. After all, who needs a Constitution or a Government that are constantly harming them? Certainly not the people.

Comment by Ufactdirt
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(#45232) Go to school. You need to learn that reading the Constitution does not mean interpreting the Constitution. Even mountain people will tell you that it "ain’t so".

Beside, learn to understand what the issue is. The issue is not who the Constitution BELONGS to. The issue is who can legally interpret the Constitution with binding effect.

Lawyers went to law schools, passed the BAR, became practicing attorneys or a Judge of the court of law who interprets the Constitution in a legal controversy.

Lawyers may give "advice" to clients about certain provisions of the Constitution, but only the Court under a challenge of constitutional issue or issues CAN interpret the Constitution.

There … I have educated you for now. But still, you need to go to school. Others are not as patient as I am in educating you always or every time you open your mouth sounding like you are a "Constitutionalist", like Ron Paul believes he is. They will just laugh at you.

You must understand that no one becomes a "Constitutionalist" by delivering more than 400 babies out of pregnant women that Dr. Ron Paul claimed he did. The audience may clap their hands every time he says he is a "Constitutionalist" after delivering babies, but inside, they are laughing at him. The audience is "polite". You can hear educated listeners murmuring: "Okay, if you say so, Virginia …" then roll their eyeballs over. Get that?

Comment by Mark Gailey
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Spoken like a Lieyer.

The Constitution belongs to the people, not the lawyer class. Many of us can still read English, and don't need you or your secret codes~!

Comment by Ufactdirt
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This raving YouTube lunatic is about to get a heart attack! He is pleading to Ron Paul to interpret the Constitution and use it as a "whip", whatever his delirium means.

Ron Paul is NOT qualified to interpret the Constitution. He is not even a lawyer, or has a law school education. The only Constitution he knows is when as a doctor he delivered babies.

No one is qualified to interpret the Constitution, except the Court of law.

This loony is pleading to Ron Paul to use the Constitution as the Texas "Con-gressman" [Powell Gammill’s word, not mine] personally interprets it, as a "whip" because this loonie doesn’t want to go to Guantanamo. If this screaming Paul supporter truly believes that Ron Paul’s personal interpretation of the Constitution against the Government makes him a fighting radical more vicious than Ron Paul is, surely he is go to Guantanamo Camp where waterboarding will cool him off!