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Redford slaps Romney as Sundance filmfest opens

Veteran US actor Robert Redford took a dig at Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney, his party's White House nomination battle and Congress as he opened the annual Sundance film festival.

Redford, touting his knowledge of European culture, lamented the "mushroom cloud of ego" hovering over the Republican party's presidential debates, the latest of which was being held in South Carolina Thursday evening.

He was asked about US policies towards filmmakers in contrast to Europe's, and the questioner suggested Romney might be someone who would prefer a US blockbuster like "Transformers" rather than an independent film.

"In terms of what's going on there... in terms of Mitt Romney. I mean, I'm not going to get into politics. The fact is you can see the (Republican) debates going on, this mushroom cloud of ego hovering over everybody," he said.

"It's kind of silly and stupid and I'm sorry about it... Mitt Romney can go and see what he wants to see. If he likes 'Transformers,' great, it's there for him, but that's not where we are," he added.

Redford recalled the time he spent in France and Italy when he was a student, saying it probably still influences his outlook -- and even the Sundance Film Festival, which he launched in the 1980s.

More generally, he added: "For years and years and years, you've all experienced what we had to live with, the fact that other countries are far more supportive of their artists than we are... 

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