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OS:Utah Safe Haven Village Project

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Mission Statement "Safe Haven Villages are intentional communities based on principles of sustainability, educational outreach, healthy living, natural healing, individual responsibility, cooperation, and renewable energy. We are dedicated to an earth-friendly, family-friendly environment through commitment, honor and integrity (CHI)."

The group favors zero-impact building concepts (e.g. EarthShips) for dwellings, which would surround a community center that would house common-use items to share, such as a kitchen, dining room, tool shop, theatre room, craft room, recreation room, and exercise room.

The site they are presently start out on is a 90-acre plot just south of Spring City, Utah, tucked away from view in all directions by mountains and hills, yet just a 5-15 minute drive from most modern conveniences in the nearby cities of Ephraim and Mt. Pleasant.
Living off the grid:

Safe Haven intentional community in Utah as featured in the Deseret News. (YouTube; July 28, 2010)

Though a primary impetus for starting the community is to prepare for societal meltdown in the United States, those involved in the community look at this more as an opportunity to finally live the way they've been dreaming and talking for years. In other words, this is not an interim, transient condition, but it is to be a model for more enlightened living, both with the land and with each other. The community will aim to be off-grid as much as possible using sustainable techniques.

Sterling D. Allan, CEO of PESNetwork, Inc., which runs this PESWiki site, is heavily involved with this project. His home in Eagle Mountain, which was sold on Oct. 28, 2009, was rolled over via a 1031 exchange to help secure the land for the community, as well as for some building materials for a replacement home in the community, relying on the community to provide labor for the balance of the value.