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Father of the web backs SOPA protests


The father of the web has added his voice to the global chorus of outrage at US Government plans to censor the internet, saying its plans are undemocratic and violate human rights.

The US Congress is pushing ahead with contentious legislation to censor internet communications, the Stop Online Piracy Act, that is backed by five-year jail terms. Although it applies ostensibly to only US entities, Australians who host websites or do online business or rely on resources on US servers would be impacted.

The bill is currently held for "markup" next month, a review that may mean alterations in light of wide-ranging criticism.
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Comment by TheRockster
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Who says Tim Berners-Lee is "The Father of the Web?" That's pure bullshit. The real father of the Internet and The Web was my cousin, J. C. R. Robinet Licklider. His participation has been detailed in such biographies as "The Dream Machine."

Berners-Lee has about as much claim to that term as Al Gore, the famous liar.

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