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The Great Internet Wars Have Begun


It also crucial that it be about resistance against an all-out effort by the elite and their technocrats to turn the internet into an all-encompassing panopticon surveillance and control grid. Contrary to common belief, the internet was not built to be a networked computer system designed to withstand a nuclear war, but as a surveillance and control grid. It was not happenstance that the platform found its way into public use.

In addition to a master networked surveillance tool, the internet is now a weaponized system that will be used to take out enemies of the state, as the Pentagon made abundantly clear following a concerted propaganda campaign hyping the dubious threat of cyber attacks on the power grid and national infrastructure. The system is not designed to attack remote cave dwelling terrorists, as the government would have us believe, but those of us designated as domestic terrorists.

Following the introduction of the internet and more specifically the world wide web in the early 1990s, the technocrats began engineering aspects of the surveillance and control grid that are now increasingly embedded in much of our everyday technology – from “smart phones” that use GPS to track and trace our every move to home appliances networked across the internet and televisions with onboard cameras and microphones in TiVo DVRs and other devices that surreptitiously record our conversations and movement.


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Comment by Lucky Red
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Oh, goodie!  Another war...because we didn't have enough of 'em going.  

 It's amazing to see how Americans translate everything into war.  But nothing else can be expected from a warmongering society.  The same way that when you're a hammer, every problem seems like a nail, when you're an imperialist warmongering empire, every problem is resolved with more war.  Just like Rome.