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SOPA and PIPA Part of Effort to Domesticate Politically Incorrect Internet


Kurt Nimmo
January 20, 2012

The Megaupload takedown is dominating headlines, but there is something the incident has overshadowed – large internet corporations and government have censored political websites for years as part of a plan to domesticate the internet.
On Thursday, Paul Joseph Watson pointed out the hypocrisy of Google as the transnational corporation shouldered its way into the limelight by opposing SOPA while enforcing SOPA-like policies of its own, blacklisting legitimate websites from its news aggregator and following government orders to remove material from its search results and You Tube.
Watson notes that Google has delisted both and Prison – the flagship websites of nationally syndicated talk show host Alex Jones – from its popular news website and news search engine. Google News is a content aggregator that allows users to search thousands of news sources for relevant stories.

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Comment by Temper Bay
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EVERY Governments fear is an uncontrolable internet, that allows peoples from all over the world direct communication.  Goverments motivate and mobilize their people thru, usually b.s., propaganda and fear-mongering, but the internet allows people to search for and find the truth - and you can't make Johnny pick up a rifle and kill the 'bad guy' if he knows the truth.    When they saw what the internet could do in the Middle-East the American Goverment shuddered - they realized it could happen here.