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Gingrich Cancels Campaign Event, Poor Attendance - Ron Paul Draws over 1,000 at Same College


What? The media tells us Newt is 'first' in polls?

"CHARLESTON, S.C.- Newt Gingrich has cancelled a campaign appearance in South Carolina because of poor attendance."

"There were just a few dozen people in the audience at the College of Charleston's arena, where the event was taking place."

Ron Paul's College of Charleston event draws over 1000:

Media deception!


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Comment by Lucky Red
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Stupid Newt[ered] Gingrich.  All he had to do was summon all the women he has had sex with at least once on the back of a parked car and he would have beat Ron Paul's pants down (no pun intended, of course).  I'm willing to bet that the fat boy could have packed a stadium all by himself.