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China warns Iran: No nuclear weapons

• Terrence Aym
The Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, seems to have had enough of Iran's saber rattling. Not only is the government of Iran stirring up the proverbial hornet's nest with its taunts and bluster directed at the United States and its Middle East ally, Israel, but it's also causing great consternation amongst many Arab countries that rely on a stable environment to produce oil. Wen issued his strictest warning yet after meeting with leaders of the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. "China adamantly opposes Iran developing and possessing nuclear weapons," he stated bluntly and then went on to condemn Tehran's belligerent foreign policy and less than subtle threats recently made towards its neighbors.

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Comment by James17
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normnip - I ask the same questions from this artical. "Iran and North Korea are the only two countries formally in a full state of declared war with the United States of America." - That's a new one for me and I follow everything that come out about those two countries. If there are any countires saber rattling, then they are the United States and Israel. Not just those two, but also the UK/France and Germany. I'm finding it rather difficult to explain to other people that this is all a set up for another war in the Middle East by those five countries mentioned above. If I had 'one' rock compared to your 'two hundred plus', I would not be throwing my only defense at you to get some kind of conflict going knowing that what would be coming my way is total defeat. Those same people that can't see whom it is that is causing all of the trouble are the same people that can't see their own U.S. government is the problem with our nation and the world at large.

Comment by normnip
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 The author Terence Aym says that Iran admits to making nculear bombs and claims that Iran is in a full state of declared war with the U.S.

I wish he'd quote some sources.