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U.S. Army Dispersed Zinc Cadmium Sulfide Over U.S. Cities in the 1950s and 1960s

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Dispersion of this compound and other microorganisms were conducted in America and England without informing the public. The official rationale for these trials was that they were done to learn about germ warfare, but why the secrecy? Because people in the affected areas would have surely objected, and these areas included large cities like St. Louis, Corpus Christi, Winnipeg, and Fort Wayne.

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For those of you that read my comments on this site, then you have read my thoughts about Chemtrails. From what we all know, which is almost nothing about why our own government is spraying the skies, there are at least 22 different chemicals that are being dumped on almost a daily basis over every major city in the United States and over many other major cities worldwide. Just look online about Chemtrails and you can find what others are saying about what the affects are on their health and that of their loved ones. One thing I can tell all of you that live in S. CA is that this spraying caused our winter raining season to stay off shore causing a draught. Two days of rain for the end of 2011 when we should have up to two weeks worth. Two days of rain for January when we should have had another two weeks of rain. If you live in a major city, just prove this yourself by going out daily and looking up into the sky. Those jets levaing those lingering trails are dumping chemicals that change the weather patterns. Too much rain as in the Mid West, or no rain like here in California. Look at some days with no streaks compared to days with dozens to hundreds of streaks and from there you just might join those of us that are talking about this to others in an attempt to wake the public up. If you do see what I am talking about and attempt to tell others, then you might join with those of us that see those people put their head in the dirt not wanting to know what an out of control government is up too with their lives or yours. Those things done in the 50's and 60's pale in comparison to what they are doing in 'our' skies today. Please, join with me in alerting others and just maybe we could get enough people to finally get this into the MSM and get it stopped. I ask that, but then look in my mirror and say, 'Good luck on that one, Jim'.