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By Pastor Roger Anghis

I have seen over the last 50 years a growing lack of willingness of the population to be involved in current events. My late step-father forced me to keep up on current events. He was a legal immigrant from Greece and served in WWI and WWII. He almost never talked about his native country because they had gone so far to the left. His new home was America and that’s what he talked about. He told me the proudest day of his life was when he received his citizenship. He knew from experience that the average citizen had to pay attention to what government was doing or the government would begin to ignore the people and do what they wanted to do. We are there!

Citizens no longer pay much attention to what our politicians do and because of that we have lost many of the rights and privileges that our Founders spilled their blood for. I remember thinking to myself about hearing some of the things that government was trying to do and thought that that could never happen in America. Then I woke up. It not only could, but it was happening right before my eyes. When I began to study how this was happening I found that most people no longer pay attention to what Washington is doing.


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Comment by PureTrust
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Some very smart slave-makers have figured out how to get Americans to pay for their own enslavement. And it has to do with human psychology.

Look at what movies and TV are doing to people. It places them in a dream world where the dreams are so inviting and enticing that the people just have to come back for more. After all, who needs or wants freedom when you can get the freedom-rush watching TV and movies?

Look at the video gaming industry. It's one of the largest industries in the world. Yet, outside of enhancing the reaction time for a few of the gamers, the whole thing moves most gamers into a totally unreal psychological position.

Even the weakest, ugliest, puniest gamer can become the hero. All he or she has to do is find the game that he can beat hands down.

So, let me show you a little of the behind-the-scenes thinking behind SOPA and PIPA. S and P are not all that they seem.

Many Americans and people throughout the "free" world don't have the time of money to get all the most slavery-producing movies and TV shows. The illegal pirating that is going on is helped somewhat by those who want to make and keep us their slaves. The slavers are, in part, the ones who are helping to maintain free movies, etc., so that those of us who can't afford to watch, will have free access after all.

Yet, movie and TV producers need to be pacified. They need to be made to feel that Government is doing something about the video pirates. That's what S and P are all about. They are a move by those running Government behind the scenes - Big Banking and Big Pharma - to pacify the film makers without really stopping the piracy at all.

You watch. Piracy will become much bigger now that S and P is being put down for the moment. But if S and P had been set in place, piracy would still grow just as fast.

Comment by doc-S
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 No, Americans DIDN'T lose their will for Liberty. They've been mass drugged since the 50's, they've been mass indoctrinated since then too. The apathy you percieve in this country is NOT legitimate, it doesn't really exist. Its brought to you by the media and pharmaceutical companies or more accurately, the owners thereof. I live in the midwest. People are NOT apathetic here. Angry? you bet. Why? The media won't report the truth. The elections have been rigged for over 50 years now by owners of the politicians, media and Pharmaceutical companies.

So don't you DARE blame "the people". We are alive and well and we love liberty. You know, the original intent of this country.

With an honest media sites like this would NOT be necessary. You're part of the problem telling people its their fault. That makes everything you say suspect. Wake -up man...

Doc Sutter

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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This article has a very bad grammar starting from the title, to what the author is mumbling about! It's bad taste to even look at it, let alone read it.