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Romney camp calls for Gingrich to release Freddie Mac contracts


Looking to slow Newt Gingrich's momentum from his victory in the South Carolina primary, Mitt Romney's presidential team called Monday for Mr. Gingrich to release the consulting contracts he held with Freddie Mac.

The Romney camp suggested that Mr. Gingrich is trying to cover up the fact that he lobbied members of Congress on behalf of the mortgage housing giant, which reportedly paid him more than a million dollars — though the Georgia Republican says he advised them as a "historian."

"Newt Gingrich says he was not a lobbyist — he was just a politician who was paid millions after he left Congress to influence his friends in Washington," said Gail Gitcho, Mr. Romney's communications director in an email blast.


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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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It is now between Romney and Gingrich. On to the next Florida primary where most likely Ron Paul is next to quit. Those money-making supporters should bid goodbye to the business side of Ron Paul's candidacy that they are taking advantage of. For many years now as in the past, Ron Paul is always there -- a perpetual presidential candidate -- just for the fun of facing the television camera and getting a headline story. But being "unelectable" candidate that he is, in the race he always bites the dust -- and always quits, especially when the Media completely loses interest in carrying him as a disposable baggage.

The betting now is between Santorum and Ron Paul -- which one to drop out first. Here, Ron Paul is leading, although Santorum might catch up.

Comment by Solomon Gunapalan
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The participants in the Republican Presidential debate today, namely Gingrich, Santorum, Romney and Ron Paul appeared to have done their 'homework' reasonably well. However, the 'prize' for a more balanced and credible view on common issues really goes to Gingrich. This aspect along with his somewhat of a
combative style augurs well for the Republicans in a showdown with the likes of President Obama. 

 Solomon Gunapalan