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Occupy Wall Street Meets the Tea Party.

• Mike Holler, Tres Melton, and RockyMountainStreams
The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street see the same problem from different perspectives. The problem is Fascism in America, which is not an epithet to be tossed at those with whom we disagree, but the government of the United States as it operates today, and as Fascism is defined by the technical and historical sense of the term.

Historically, Fascism is a system where big business and big government work together to promote and protect each other. Big business provides the money that the government officials need to remain in power and enjoy a high standard of living; the government officials write regulations that favor these businesses to ensure their profitability.

The Tea Party has been approaching the problem from the perspective of big government's favorable regulations and bailouts of certain industries and/or large businesses within those industries. Occupy Wall Street approaches the matter from the angle of the big businesses that