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Tibetans Fired Upon in Protest in China

• New York Times
Security forces opened fire on Tibetan protesters in western China on Monday, wounding at least 32 people and killing at least one of them in the largest violent confrontation in ethnic Tibetan areas of China since 2008, two Tibetan rights groups and the Tibetan exile government said. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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Yabut, all those poor Wal-mart workers would have to go on welfare ...

Comment by David Jackson
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 Let's all run out and make 'friends" with these homicidal maniacs! If the U.S. even gives the Chinese a phone call, we've lost even the illusion of ethics or morality. I say, SCREW CHINA'S GOVERNMENT! This is a country that has the highest rate of 'state-sanctioned' murder - capital punishment, or a vague pretense to it - in the world! Slaughter of citizens is a hallmark of psychopathic governance. (Should mention that we'll likely be seeing it in the U.S. - more than we already do, in short order, if something doesn't change.)