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The Public Pension Time Bomb!

• The Political Commentator
The growing crisis of public pension fund liabilities! Pension fund liabilities for states and municipalities is an extremely apropos topic on the day of the State of the Union Address (#SOTU) when President Obama will be doing one of the things he does best which is pandering to the unions! This pandering will be particularly evident, obvious and clear during an election year when the Obama reelection campaign is looking to raise a record dollar amount of political contributions! The ticking time bomb! Over the years have you heard the stories of public employees who retire with rich benefits that need to be somehow be paid for the rest of their lives? These pension liabilities facing towns, cities and states will exist regardless of how much their tax base shrinks, tax receipts dry-up or other expenses rise. The federal government has the advantage of unlimited taxing power to cushion any blow created by rising expenses and when the states get strapped for cash they

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