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Ron Paul Ignored In GOP Debate Once Again


During Last night’s NBC hosted GOP debate in Florida, Ron Paul was once again roundly ignored and dismissed as a potential candidate.

Paul spoke for less than 6 minutes out of the hour long debate. He was skipped over completely on three questions when everyone else got to speak, and was not offered the chance to respond to several attacks on his policies from the other candidates.

In comparison, Romney and Gingrich were afforded close to 35 minutes of speaking time, not even taking into account the now ubiquitous bickering between the two that viewers had to once again endure...

 Watch all of Paul’s airtime below:

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Dr. Ron Paul, the Most Eligible to Serve Our Country as  OUR Commander-in-chief   than the three Idiots that kept Arguing among themselves and the Dumb Butts that were the "Moderators" aren't even smart enough to moderate a dog fight, they TRASHED THE BEST MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!

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