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FBI arrests 4 officers in troubled Conn. suburb

• AP
Four police officers, including the president of the local police union, were arrested by the FBI on Tuesday on charges that they assaulted illegal immigrants and created false reports to cover up abuses in a New Haven suburb where a federal investigation found life was made miserable for Hispanics.

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Just another example of law enforcement living up to its reputation:  Somewhat suprising that the FBI actually did something. It will be interesting to see what they really did, when responsibiity and punishment are assigned.

Comment by tittiger
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You know what would be freaking amazing? The FBI arresting some pigs for violating the rights of American citizens....

Comment by tittiger
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I think the FBI should arrest some of it's own before it goes looking elsewhere. Take the instance of a FBI sniper shooting Vicky Weaver in the head while holding her baby at Ruby Ridge. Take the instance of an FBI hit team chopping off the hands and feet of Gordon Kahl while he was still alive....

No one has ever been charged or convicted for these HORRIFIC crimes.

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