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Gov. Cuomo Plans to Abolish Failed "Ballistic Fingerprint" Program

"By any rational measure, CoBIS has been a total failure," said NYSRPA President Tom King. "What is astounding is that there are actually elected officials defending it. Only in Albany would you find people who think that a program which has run for more than 10 years without producing a single result is good public policy."  
Reporter's note: 
Only government can spend money like this. Let's break this down.

356,000 casings in 10 years is 35,600 per year or about 118 per work day. How long does it take to catalogue these things? Couldn't one person do about 50-60 per day? Let's be conservative and say it takes three people working 300 days a year to catalogue them all. $44 million? Let's say they go hog wild and drop $14 million on equipment, a water tank, microscopes, storage and misc. That's $30 million left or $3 million per year. How many salaries does that cover?

What business would spend that kind of money on no results, tell investors theyt have to keep doing it and stay afloat?