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Japanese Delegation Wants the U.S. Out of Okinawa

A 24-member delegation from Japan is in Washington, D.C., this week opposing the presence and new construction of U.S. military bases in Okinawa.  Participating are members of the Japanese House of Councilors, of the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly, and of city governments in Okinawa, as well as leading protest organizers and the heads of several important organizations opposed to the ongoing U.S. military occupation of Okinawa.

The famously stingy U.S. tax payer, frequently seen bitterly protesting outrageously wasteful spending of a few million dollars, is paying billions of dollars to maintain and expand some 90 military bases in Japan (and to make those who profit from such business filthy rich).  Thirty-four of those bases, containing 74% of their total land area, are in Okinawa, which itself contains only 0.6% of Japanese land.  Okinawa is dominated by U.S. military bases and has been for 67 years since the U.S. forcibly appropriated much of the best land.

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Fine! Let's leave, and take everything with us! Whatever we can't carry, we should dismantle and sell for scrap.

 I'd bet a whole lot that there are other Pacific Rim countries that wouldn't mind the financial boost and the other advantages of being our "friends". (Japan should have been California's biggest suburb after WW II, anyway; not the other way around.)

 On reflection, Japan hasn't done diddley for the U.S. - EVER! If they don't want us, what the hell do we want to be there for? Let the whole bunch revert to the Shoganate from which they came! Maybe they can make nice with all of the Asian neighbors they've abused over the centuries - What's a little rape and ruin amongst enemies?

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