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The Ron Paul FIX is in: a SGT micro-doc


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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Poor alibi before dropping out.

Ron Paul supporters are now saturating the air with rehearsed exit reasons, as the announcement to quit nears. Quitting time is just around the corner. For example, the primary results are "rigged" that’s why his winning the primaries are not recorded.

This is a pattern of alibi every time Ron Paul drops out of the race, even years before. The published alibi is that he won every primary, but it was "fixed" so that he does not become the GOP official candidate for any presidential election.

Now supporters are complaining that in the debate he was not asked the same number of questions directed to the other candidates. In the Florida debate NBC even ignored him and was seldom asked to answer questions. Supporters still don’t get it.

He was avoided because he was grossly irrelevant in responding to issues being debated, and just lost himself into attacking the Government and the other GOP candidates. His views were considered "weird", to say the least. With him participating in the primary debates, the Republican Party already lost to Obama.

Terrorists love his anti-military spending campaign. The enemy within loves his campaign speeches against security checks in the airport. He and his son, Sen. Rand Paul, really believed that airline passengers undergoing a security screening in the airport is a violation of their individual freedom! Terrorists expect him to succeed in this delusional freedom crusade so that they could board the aircraft and blow it to smithereens!

His Senator son was detained in the Nashville airport for violating security regulations. He refused to be bodily searched when the security device "beeped" and security agents had to pull him aside, away from the other passengers, then detained. This made Ron Paul furious. He is now campaigning to abolish not only the Federal Reserve but also the TSA.

Still his supporters don’t get it – why Ron Paul is intentionally ignored in the GOP debate by the organizers and the Media. When Ron Paul drops out of the race, his supporters need not present any alibi at all – we the public already knew why he has to quit, and why he shouldn’t even be there among the other GOP candidates in the first place!


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