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More Drones, Fewer Troops


The Pentagon plans to expand its global network of drones and special-operations bases in a fundamental realignment meant to project U.S. power even as it cuts back conventional forces.

The plan, to be unveiled by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday and in budget documents next month, calls for a 30% increase in the U.S. fleet of armed unmanned aircraft in the coming years, defense officials said. It also foresees the deployment of more special-operations teams at a growing number of small "lily pad" bases across the globe where they can mentor local allies and launch missions.


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Comment by PureTrust
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Drones are a really good idea for empire building, don't you think? All the nations that have enough technological expertise to build drone parts for the U.S. military, are either NOT 3rd world countries, or else they are coming out of 3rd worldism into modernism. As they come out of 3rd worldism, they want more pay. Soon the military and the Government will have used up the cheap labor.

By the time that all the 3rd world nations are used up - have come all the way into modernism, demanding high wages - drone-robot soldiers will have emerged on the scene. Our current military soldiers will be the lowest paid technological people around. Soon the military won't want to use them to fight at all. They will need them to manufacture and operate the drones... far cheaper than any of the world's regular industrial laborers.

Pretty smart thinking, eh?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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