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AZ GOP Convention! Jan. 28th

• Ron Paul for President 2012

Show your LOVE for Dr. Paul at this year's Arizona State GOP Convention on January 28th!!

If ever there was a time to participate in the fight for liberty and the constitution - THIS IS IT! This is our moment to represent Dr. Paul  with more signage than ever seen before!

Unfortunately, Dr. Paul will not be able to attend this event now. He has to go to Florida. He will be here for the Feb. 22nd Presidential debate though. We still need as many volunteers as possible to act as an "advanced-party" to come post RON PAUL signs Friday night outside the event and also to come in the morning at 7am to place RON PAUL fliers on EVERY seat in the house. We will also use the signs for the debate.

For those who have not attended, all attendees use the downtime in between events and speakers to read literature placed on their seats - this means that all active and influential GOP members attending will be reading Ron Paul material before they vote on the GOP Leadership!  

We are also asking for volunteers to help collect any remaining RON PAUL literature after the event to help with reduce printing costs for future events. We will have a RON PAUL booth at the convention and will be handing out stickers to be worn by every RON PAUL supporter present.