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The Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution

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The federal constitution ratified by the people of the States provided for a limited government to handle specified joint affairs of the States. The document describes itself not as "the U.S. Constitution" or the "Constitution of the United States," but as a "Constitution FOR the United States of America." With this in mind, read what follows in the preamble as the purposes of this instrument: "forming a more perfect Union," "common defense," and "general welfare." Throughout the document "United States" is a plural (the States United) and treason against the United States consists of levying war against THEM.

As clear and simple as these facts are and have always been, grasping them seems to be beyond the abilities of presidents, congresspersons, supreme court justices, and professors of "Constitutional Law" at the most prestigious institutions.
In recent times the abuses of these people (what the Founders would have described as "usurpations" justifying rebellion) have run amuck, distorting an already wounded constitution beyond recognition. Ambition, rent-seeking, willful historical ignorance, deceit, ideology, and the lust for power (which the Founders hoped to guard against) have rendered the real constitution of our forefathers virtually null and void. This has prompted serious citizens to re-expound what the Constitution for the United States is supposed to be. There have been good books in this vein by Professors Thomas Woods, Walter K. Wood, and Kevin Gutzman, and by William J. Watkins and Judge Andrew Napolitano.

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Comment by Carlos Rodriuez
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Great Article and Response,

No one can argue with the 3 most powerful words ever written in the American Constitution, “United we Stand.”



I believe “We” all need to come together and be involved. Nothing will change until “We the People” actively participate in our own self-determination. That is what America once stood for – I for one, would like to see more of our countrymen and women wake up, stand up, and unite together.


I invite you to visit and peruse the various designs of America’s 50 States including in its form of United States - “AMERICA.” I ask graciously that you share this with others who may see the intrinsic value of the message - “United We Stand!”



The idea…..

The two most prevalent forms of communication are audio and visual. Unite them for a more powerful message.


“United We Stand!” Is a simple marketing tool to deliver a message to millions on a vehicle of symbolic visualization – a “T-shirt” – Stars, Stripes, and individual STATES.


If you want people to rally behind a message, you need strong visualizations.  Find a simple form of delivery and it can spread like wildfire. Keep the message constant and people will begin to believe it. Like a heartbeat… it has to be constant and carry a strong beat to stay alive. The message will carry more weight when it is backed by “numbers” – one million supporters carry more weight to any issue than just a few voices.


The American persona was founded on a declaration of unity. People standing together to be counted is a very powerful civics lesson - “United We Stand!” The understanding that “together – United” We can make a difference – United, We can be heard. Visuals can turn up the volume on any message without damaging an eardrum. A visual can become a powerful magnifier.


Consider a rally of 100-1000 people on the steps of your state capitol or the ‘White House.” There will be a large number of hodgepodge and mismatched articles of clothing that speaks psychologically of confusion. Dress those same people with “United We Stand!” t-shirts and the rally becomes a more powerful message. “United We Stand!” behind this bill, this event, this candidate…etc. It loudly proclaims – “We” come in numbers because “We” believe in the message and together “We” have found common ground.





Comment by Larry Stuler
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         Americans have been negligent in the most important of all things concerning the gov't - Americans don't read the actual law, but simply rely on the gov't's lapdog, the controlled media.




        Every law must come from the jurisdiction granted to the federal gov't by the Constitution - an ever increasing number of Americans now believe that the gov't is ignoring the Constitution, but it's not possible for the gov't to simply write a law without it being tied back to a federal jurisdiction.  How would the courts have jurisdiction over a controversy if there was no Constitutional jurisdiction upon which the law was made?  For instance, all federal issues must be based upon a jurisdiction from title 28, "Judiciary and Judicial Procedure", chapter 85, "Federal courts; jurisdiction".




        We Americans walk around saying that we're "taxpayers" and therefore we have a vote on what happens in Washington, D.C.  What is the definition of "taxpayer"?  Have you ever seen it?  The Constitution only grants the federal gov't jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians.  It cannot grant the federal gov't any jurisdiction over intrastate commerce (human action) because the organic law of the land, the Declaration of Independence, states that "all men are created equal".  No American has the right to initiate force over another American.  Yet today the federal gov't has taken the stance that it can lawfully coerce any American to do what that American is told to do by the gov't.  And Americans continue to believe that they must do what the federal gov't regulates them to do. 




        It's time to read the actual laws, statutes, and regulations.  Is that an easy task?  Of course not.  But just how much effort do you think it takes to defend your individual freedom?




        The gov't still has only the jurisdictions as granted to it by the Constitution.  It cannot ever have any jurisdiction over intrastate commerce (human action) because "all men are created equal".  Any word that the gov't uses in a law must be within the gov't's limited jurisdiction - these words are legally known as "terms".




        Here's the definition of the term "taxpayer" as found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 26 CFR 2.1-1(a)(5) - "Taxpayer means a citizen who has established or seeks to establish a construction reserve fund under the provisions of section 511 of the Act and the regulations in this part, and may include a partnership."  The "Act" referenced within the above regulation is defined just above the definition of "taxpayer" at 26 CFR 2.1-1(a)(1) as the Merchant Marine Act of 1936.


        If you think that the above must be some other definition of "taxpayer" that only applies to the Merchant Marine, then here's another regulation right below the above cites at 26 CFR 2.1-1(b) - "Insofar as the computation and collection of taxes are concerned, other terms used in the regulations in this part, except as otherwise provided, have the same meaning as in the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations thereunder.".  So now you've seen what a "taxpayer" is - a member of the Merchant Marine.  A "taxpayer" is, therefore, a federal employee.  Only federal employees are liable for federal employment taxes once you stop and think about it.  But Americans don't read the law, they listen to the controlled media.




        Our considerable ignorance has been groomed by the media.  But it has been this way since the American Revolution.  Ever since the ink dried on the Declaration of Independence, Great Britain has been determined to undermine American sovereignty.  Do you believe that the monarchy in England ever had any intent to grant its colonies freedom?  Of course not.  Although Great Britain lost the Revolution on the battlefield, it immediately sent in its bankers (the world's banking headquarters is in London) to destroy American sovereignty through use of legal "terms" under the jurisdiction of the foreign commerce clause.  In the War of 1812, Great Britain was impressing America's Merchant Marine into service in its Navy.  Today Great Britain is still impressing America's Merchant Marine into service for its bankers.


        The bankers eventually bankrupted America's federal gov't in 1933.  The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) was written in 1935 in order to evidence the underlying federal jurisdiction of the laws within the United States Code (USC).  Title 11 USC, "Bankruptcy", is implemented by title 11 CFR, "Federal elections".  This evidences that our federal elections are simply to elect a federal bankruptcy "administration".


        But simply bankrupting the federal gov't was not enough to enslave all Americans to make them pay the interest on the bankers' counterfeit money loans to the federal gov't.  Remember, the federal gov't has no jurisdiction over intrastate commerce.  So they created Social Security.  The "Form SS-5" that one uses to apply for a S.S.# is actually a federal employment form.  Guess what the applicant of a S.S.# has become - a "taxpayer".  We Americans have been duped into signing away our sovereignty by becoming federal employees involved in foreign commerce and now subject to the plethora of poverty causing federal regulatory agencies.


        Americans now believe that a bunch of thugs stealing their hard earned money can "fix" things.  Just what has any federal regulation ever "fixed"?  The federal regulatory agencies continue to grow - look at all of Obama's czars.  There can be no federal czar that has any jurisdiction over a sovereign American since said czar is simply another person and "all men are created equal".


        As you will discover by reading the links below, the federal gov't knows full well what its limited jurisdictions are, but all we listen to is the controlled media feeding us the same old stories about how this or that new regulation or agency is being implemented to "fix" some issue of the day.  The "War on Poverty" worked perfectly, didn't it?  Why, there's no poverty around here.  The "War on Drugs" has been an overwhelming success, hasn't it?  No drug problems in America today are there?  How about "No Child Left Behind"?  Our education system is a total joke.


        Here are links to the actual laws, statutes, regulations, and Supreme Court decisions that all Americans need to read and understand:



  "The United States Doesn't Own the Mississippi   

                                            River" ( Great Britain shares that ownership with us).



  "The Bankers' Blueprint to Destroy American




  "Internal Revenue Jurisdiction" (it's foreign commerce).



  "The Supreme Court Decisions" (concerning the income

                                            tax and the 16th Amendment - these decisions state that

                                            no new jurisdiction was granted to the federal gov't - this

                                            is because it is within foreign commerce).



  "The Medicine and Drug Laws" (these are all within

                                             internal revenue - foreign commerce).



  "What is FICA?" (it's a U.S. possession tax - remember

                                           that the gov't has no jurisdiction over intrastate commerce

                                           so it can only implement a possession tax - the U.S. 

                                           possessions are considered foreign countries under the




  "The Social Security Scam" - this is the entire overview

                                           that ties back to all of the above links except the

                                           "Bankers' Blueprint", but the "Bankers' Blueprint" does

                                           link to "The Social Security Scam".




        After reading the laws at the above links you will see that at no time has the federal gov't ever had any jurisdiction over the sovereign American.  We Americans have been lied to since the beginning by the controlled media, which in turn, is owned by the same people that own the banks.