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CIA to pull officer from NYPD after internal probe


A CIA operative's unusual assignment inside the New York Police Department is being cut short after an internal investigation that criticized how the agency established its unprecedented collaboration with city police, The Associated Press has learned.

In its investigation, the CIA's inspector general faulted the agency for sending an officer to New York with little oversight after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and then leaving him there too long, according to officials who have read or been briefed on the inquiry. They spoke only on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss the investigation. The CIA said last month that the inspector general cleared the agency of any wrongdoing.

The inspector general opened its investigation after a series of AP articles that revealed how the NYPD, working in close collaboration with the CIA, set up spying operations that put Muslim communities under scrutiny. Plainclothes officers known as "rakers" eavesdropped in businesses, and Muslims not suspected of any wrongdoing were put in intelligence databases.

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Comment by TL Winslow
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Seriously, the insidious Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR has never had such a blank check to impose Muslim supremacy on the people of the U.S. until Pres. Obama came to power.  Now they're trying to topple major metro police chiefs. Too bad for them, there will be a Ging, er, Republican president eventually, if not next year then four years after that, and hopefully the Winslow Amendment to the U.S. Constitution will gain traction:

"Congress shall have the power to make laws restricting the free exercise of religions other than Christianity and Judaism, including but not limited to Islam." 

You don't need the NYPD to quit ostriching about the very real threat of political Islam and begin arming your mind with data on the key orgs., personalities, and global connections of American Muslims, all free from the Historyscoper: