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Active duty cop: ‘The war on drugs is a war on people’


Speaking to Raw Story recently, an active duty police officer who asked not to be named threw down the gauntlet over the part of his job he hates most: the drug war.

“I did not get in law enforcement to destroy a person’s future because that person had marijuana or a pill in their pocket,” the officer explained. “Why would you want to destroy that person’s future and cause them great harm because of that? It’s not worth it.”

Like many Americans, the reality of the drug war was was nothing like what he’d been taught to believe in his youth. But statistics like a citizen being arrested for drugs every 19 seconds in 2010, and 1.6 million people incarcerated over drugs in 2009, were nothing compared to what he actually experienced in the front lines of the drug war on America’s users.

 But for those officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect the public from dangerous, violent criminals, the drug war isn’t always just another part of the job. For this officer in particular, it’s much more than that: “The war on drugs is a war on people,” he claimed.

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Good on ya', mate! I knew I wasn't the only one who understood the reality of the so-called "war on drugs"!

 I've been trying to get people to listen to this for 20 years. All I ever got was a bunch of lunatic babble about the "law" and the terrible destruction of young lives - what a load that was. The "war on drugs" creates more destruction, social terror, economic distress, loss of lives, and political malefeasance than using drugs could ever even come close to.

 It's doubtful that the facts of the 'drug war" will ever be allowed to influence the fantasies - imagine how many people would have to find real jobs, if there wasn't a phony "drug war" for them to play at. What would two-thirds ofthe cops in the country do for work? How else could politicians scare hell out of evryone and abuse their rights, with such impunity?  (People are getting wise to the spurious "war on terrorism", and threatening adults with a lump of coal at Christmas just doesn't cut it!)

 This cop should receive a medal, or at least a raise. Sadly, he's probably better off staying incognito.

 This brings me to one of my other hyposises:  There has never been a bad cop who wasn't a bad person, long before (s)he ever went on the job. (There are certanly cases of cops falling prey to burnout and job-related stresses that manifest as bad acts and abuses of their position, but most bad cops were assholes to begin with.)

 I'll repeat:  This guy is one of the good guys; shame there aren't more!   

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