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America’s Constitutionalist Resistance Battles On

• Canada Free Press
[Good Read] With the Republican primaries having devolved to the Establishment’s preferred scenario, and all the Tea Party-favored candidates having been either eliminated or marginalized, some are beginning to ask an unavoidable question: Was the constitutionalist revival just a passing fancy with no staying power, or a conservative social club with no heart for a real fight? Is there even anyone left in the room to hear the question, or is the only reply one can hope for the echo of one’s own despondent voice filling the hollow chamber? At this moment, when so much appears to have been lost, and so quickly, perhaps it’s time for some good news: There are still some genuine constitutionalist warriors out there, they are in the fight for the long haul, and they are prepared to do whatever it takes to win. You will meet a couple of them shortly. First, the bad news, by way of an overview of the war so far: In early 2011, when the Republican nominating process was still in th