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Bullies With Badges

That was the description of four East Haven, Connecticut, police officers who were arrested after a federal grand jury returned an indictment containing charges of conspiring to violate, and violating, the civil rights of members of the East Haven community. All four have pleaded not guilty in Federal District Court and three have been released on bail, ranging from $100,000 to $300,000; the fourth is awaiting completion of his paperwork.

The indictment alleges unreasonable searches and seizures, the use of unreasonable force, false and misleading police reports, and harassment and intimidation of victims, witnesses, and outside investigators. All four are facing potential jail sentences of 10 years or longer if convicted.

The four officers were protected by a higher-up in the East Haven Police Department referred to, in the indictment, as co-conspirator-1. The name of co-conspirator-1 is known to the grand jury, and if any of the four officers decides to make a deal, another indictment may be forthcoming.


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Comment by David Jackson
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 I won't say, "I told you so".

 I've been trying to get people to believe this for years, and have been called every name in the book because of my stand on the issue(s). You'd have to be in the room when I'm ignored and/or disparaged, every time I try to espouse my views on Driving While Black (DWB), which I firmly believe is only part of the problem:  To me, DWB is as much an issue of "driving while brown" and "driving while blonde" - and cute, as it is a "black thing". Selective law enforcement is nothing new. Race and gender bias is nothing new. In the pathetically insular environment of "cops and robbers", abuse of minorities and the "power of the badge" are alive and well!

 As the social/civil consensus of our country degenerates and it becomes more difficult for those (politicos) who make their living pretending to be public servants, and are exposed as the fraouds they always have been, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to consolidate and maintain their power and control (high paid jobs and extra-legal/social privileges). Law enforcement is and will continue to be their lap dogs and "New Gestapo", as social order becomes more of a problem. (For those who wonder why there has been such an increase in police abuses and the flagrant violation of our Constitution, in the past 20 years, this is why. And, it's being allowed and promoted by the slugs YOU elect!)

 You are next! We are already in a police state. To those who don't think so, I'd only ask you to stay out of my way, and don't expect me to help you. (I'll help your children, since you are obviously uninterested.)