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TSA: The Greatest Liars On Earth


In the following video, Alex Jones takes the TSA to task for its pathological lying about the danger of naked body porno scanners.

But as Jones notes, it is not simply the TSA that continually lies. The entire government is perpetually and habitually involved in all kinds of lies and fabrications – from George Bush’s deadly lie about WMDs in Iraq (that cost over a million Iraqis their lives) to countless sundry lies on all kinds of government activity (most recently the lies told to us about the government’s gun running operation to the banker drug cartels in Mexico).


In the video, Alex breaks down the lie told by government and its compliant corporate media propaganda tool about the outrageous and unconstitutional detainment of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul at the airport in Nashville.

The cops in Tennessee insisted Paul was “irate” about his illegal detainment, but a security video later released shows the Senator sitting calmly in a chair waiting for the TSA and the cops to let him travel. Of course, after insisting Paul was angry and uncooperative, the corporate media lie machine did not bother to pick up on the story published by The Tennessean.