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A Gift From the American State

• Lew Rockwell blog
"There are now so many phony "Private Secret Police" forces in the U.S. and around the world, and so many official secret-secret armies and secret-known armies, that all kinds of false flag, treasonous, or merely corrupt activities become very high probability events. Blackwater and CIA secret-secret units working through private corporate units abroad are far more likely to do such Black Ops for hire or out of ideological conviction than CIA regulars working in Virginia and attending PTA meetings at night. They are also far more likely to become dangerous to their secretly nominal paymasters in D.C.

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Just when you thought it would never happen, again! Does any of this sound familiar? If it doesn't, then you really ought to sue the social-engineering freaks who were responsible for what you thought was your education.

 The American (Police) State is thriving. I'd rather be abused by "real" cops, at least they can be tracked down and many of them have some ties to the communities they abuse. The "privatized" government lap dogs and lackeys are mostly social misfits and people who didn't get to play cowboys and Indians, as kids. If you check their ranks, you'll find some of the biggest losers on earth! Give a fool power and all you get is a powerful fool!

 If you want to know why these second-rate thugs are so popular with the politicos, it's because they will do anything to anyone for a buck, and they are the very definition of "plausible denial". If you want to hear the squeal, just wait until a few of them get caught at their crap and are sold-out by Washington or whatever other pretend organization might be in charge. whatever the future brings, you can bet it won't be of any benefit to anyone who isn't a part of the destruction of freedom and what used to be our democratic constitutional republic.

 The Great Pumpkin might forgive us...Your kids won't!