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Gulf Arabs have plans against Hormuz closure: official


ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Coastguards and naval forces of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) group of Arab countries have contingency plans for a possible attempt by Iran to shut the Strait of Hormuz, a Kuwaiti maritime official said on Monday.

Five of the six GCC members - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Kuwait - rely on the world's most important energy shipping lane being open to export most of their oil or gas.

Tehran has threatened to close the narrow shipping lane between Oman, the only GCC member which does not depend on Hormuz, and Iran if Western sanctions aimed at starving Iran's disputed nuclear program of funds stop it from selling oil.

The GCC members, which also rely on the four-mile-wide (6.4 kilometer) channel being open to import food for their growing populations, has now drawn up a contingency plan in case Iran acts on its threats.


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Comment by James17
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Here again, we have something that needs to be watched very closely. 

 How to start a war with Iran? - Cause some disturbance that stops shipping and blame it on Iran so that the rest of the world will go to war against that nation and its people who will be the innocent attacked by those that are out to get the mineral wealth that rightly belongs to the Iranian people.

Unfortunately there will be too many that will view what happens as truly being done by Iran no matter how sloppy of a job to make it look like it was done by Iran. - We didn't learn from 9/11 and the many other false flags here in the United States, and I doubt the masses will open their eyes to see it happening again, even when it slaps them on the face.