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Thousands of parents illegally home schooling

As a new school year begins, more than 50,000 Australian children will be home-schooled and in most cases, their parents are doing it illegally. It is compulsory to send children between the ages of six and 16 to school, or register them for home schooling, but more parents are opting out of the traditional school system and keeping their children at home. However, thousands of parents across the country are not registered and that means they potentially face prosecution. Governments have been reluctant to take legal action, but in a landmark case last October, Bob Osmak from the Home Schooling Association of Queensland was prosecuted for not registering with the Home Education Unit to home school his 13-year-old daughter. Mr Osmak had home-schooled his nine children. He was charged under the Queensland Education Act that says parents have to enrol children of compulsory school age in a school, or register them for home schooling. Mr Osmak was found guilty and fined $

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Comment by PureTrust
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I don't know what kind of Government Australia has. Do they have some kind of Cuba-style dictatorship? Or is it the American-style, something like a taxation-without-representation dictatorship?

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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Illegally teaching your children at home? What the flock is that all about?

How much more insane can it get?  This just can't be for real?