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Disgraceful Reporting by the Boston Herald and Others

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the testimony of Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper today. See here for his actual testimony in written form. Most important is that he said clearly that Iran is not building nuclear weapons and CIA chief David Petraeus said the same thing, and the latter said he had met with the head of Mossad to convey his view. This portion of his testimony was not reported in the Boston Herald article. Instead, it pieced together two unconnected parts of his testimony and left the impression that Iran was making enriched uranium in order to conduct an attack on the U.S.!! See here. This is disgracefully poor reporting and utterly misleading.

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Comment by James17
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Even with the 50 plus city protests against going to war with Iran happening this Saturday, those fools in Washington and the Pentagon are already amassing thousands of U.S. troops close to Iran. Let's see how much the MSM tells the public viewing audience that these protest marches happened or are totally silent about it. Here am I, just one voice against going to war with Iran. It will happen, no matter what the public has to say about not doing it. Those fools have already set their minds on a conflict that is going to happen, that is why they have done these things in secret behinded closed doors. It seems that our only hope of not having this war play out is to have those in our military to say, 'No', and not go on those deployments just because Israel says they are threatened. - Oh, why talk about it. Just sit back and watch it happen. Nothing that we say or do is going to keep it from happening. Prehaps that is what we need to get this whole thing over with. I'm talking about the world as a whole. The way things are shaping up here in the U.S. and other countries around the world, you and I will not be around to see the end of the conflict. I would like to make it through the hell coming to planet earth, but to make it through that hell will take its toll and prehaps it is better to just be taken out at the beginning then to have to live through radiation fallout, food shortages, water contamination, wide spread murder by those that want those things you have or just to be out killing for the hell of it.

Comment by normnip
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So now we have Clapper, Patreaus, Panetta, Putin and Khamanei telling us that Iran is not building nuclear bombs.

Faux tough, brave liberal journalists will keep reading whatever they want to believe between the lines of the hedging. The result: Obama is still sacrosanct and Iran is still evil and bad; liberal journalists are never wrong; any other conclusions are sacrilege.