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Memphis Police Delete Photos From Journalist's Cell Phone Camera

• Photography Is Not a Crime

The problem with the mainstream media is that too many reporters don’t know the actual law when it comes to police confiscating cameras or deleting photos.

And they think the only way to find out the law is to ask police.


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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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What law? You can know it all, but we no longer live in a country of law. The entire justus system all the way to the SC is beyond corrupt and if you ain't in the good ole boys club, you may as well kiss your rear end good bye once you get snaged by these thugs and criminals hiding behind black robes suits and ties including their drones with guns and badges who mindlessly just follow orders no matter what. "It is next to impossible to show anyone the truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth."


The lame stream media as we call it has also been totally taken over and are all part of the criminal matrix that has been established over the past generation in stealth mode.

Today we live in a total corporate fascist regime, but as it has been quoted, "We will get the regime we deserve."

God help us all because it sure isn't man that is going to save our rear end in this picture.

Comment by William Bolton
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If you want to know the law you must go to the Law Library and read the law books and be sure you are reading the most up to date. The police are the last to ask as they will lie to your face in most cases. Police violate the law more than any group other than criminals. This makes them criminal also. Statements such as "we are the law" are false as they are hired to enforce the law and are employees of the people. While the news and others want to tell you that the police are honest and most seem to try to be, just go to the court that is hearing a case that you know something about or witnessed. I have on many occasions. The police get together on their stories and openly lie to obtain convictions. I have seen officers of the court take signature pages of documents and type new pages to support their case and place them on the signature page of other documents. So much for honest courts. Our system is only honest on TV! It is as corrupt in the background as any in the world, only more hidden. Probably a third of convictions are false and who is going to believe a convict?