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China Is Helping to Arm Iran and Sidestep Sanctions Thanks to an Assist From North Korea

China is circumventing international sanctions against Iran by enlisting North Korea’s help in providing the Islamic state with its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles and the technical expertise to make those nuclear warhead-capable missiles operational. And now the Communist giant is threatening to come to Iran’s defense should the missile or nuclear sites be attacked.

Referring this critical problem to the United Nations won’t work because China has veto power in the Security Council

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 Notice if you read the artical, that Fox news does not allow for people to comment on those things mentioned. Is it that they don't want those that will do no further research into this situation to understand that what was written in the artical is all lies to further the Washington/Pentagon/Israeli war plans against Iran? Join the protest marches in one of the over 50 U.S. cities this Saturday that are saying, 'No War with Iran'.