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Ron Paul ready for caucus states

Ron Paul has known for more than a week that he would finish fourth in Florida.

So instead, he skipped the Sunshine State and campaigned in states like Maine, Colorado and Nevada.

“We’ve been having a fantastic trip,” Paul said to cheering fans in Henderson Tuesday night, adding that he had called Mitt Romney to congratulate him on his big Florida win. To Romney, Paul said: “I would see him in the caucus states.”

While the media spotlight has been on Florida, Paul has been waging a quieter, parallel campaign in the caucus states with contests coming up in February. Unlike Florida — which awards its 50 delegates through a winner-take-all process — many of these states distribute delegates proportionally, allowing second and third place winners to nab some of them.

The result is that the Texas congressman could end up winning more delegates over the next few weeks than anyone except Romney.

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Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

@ Joseph Vanderville:  "Your Kind"..... " [of] use to me".... um, I happen to know that 15 years ago, before things got worse-- as they are today, less than 15% of welfare, grants, etc. actually make it to an actual recipient.  Believe me, I know.  I worked in the private lobby just long enough to see how ugly rich people who are attracted to politics for the wrong reasons can be for profit.  Most of this Federal funding it goes to rich people like you who cut deals and pay for laws that make you richer at our expense and ensure that you control the government funding through privatization of Federal funded endeavors that incorporate, get bad enough with cheating and endangering the public to where rigged lawsuit clean out coffers, or the private entity (Like Lockheed Martin's role in state heath care programs) just re-incorporate and lobby to get the next bid under a new name.  Even we poor pay for the rich to erect these huge projects.  So don't try to get me to accept that "we" (the shrinking middle class and poor) aren't paying for your excesses and narcissistic enjoyment.  Your attitude is what happened to America.  Personal selfishness and GREED.  And it has literally resulted in the deaths of multitudes of people who didn't stand a chance.  It is worse, what people like you do today than ever.  The small business doesn't stand a chance in today's political climate and is it not what made American great to begin with?  Advancement of the small guy if he is willing to apply himself?  Even that is a lost dream today that a Republican can NOT deny.  Criminals own the courts, own congress, and my guess is that you are one of those criminals.  As for the real subject at hand, I would like to see Ron Paul give everything he's got.  Unfortunately, he knows how the system works and who runs the media dog and pony show, Romney has a pretty good chance playing for the same team as Obama.  But the Mormon business, a huge global banking empire, has more clout in the elite agenda.  They only use people of color to gain favor from other people of color, for which today, in a global arena, white skinned people are very much being outnumbered.  In fact at an alarming rate.  Whites are richer in general (Harvard law school "Whiteness as property") and its a sociological fact that the educated procreate less... thus, Whites are becoming extinct.  That is what scares predominantly white racist elites that control the global banking system.  But it does not justify what they are doing.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

JV, you poor, dumb clown. You still haven't figured out, have you, that you aren't the one who paid your income taxes?

Whatever tax returns you filed, they contained a SSN, right? That SSN is the number of a Social Security account that has a name that is extremely similar to your name. So it is the SS account that paid the taxes. At least, that is how the Government looks at it from a purely legal, mechanical "paperwork" standpoint.

The fact of the need for a signature on the paperwork before the IRS will accept it, only shows, at best, that the SS account has a signature, and at worst, that you personally have formed a general partnership with the SS account.

So when are you and the rest of the American people going to wake up, and stop attempting the payment of income taxes that can only be paid by a Social Security account?

Stop GIVING your money to the IRS needlessly. But if you want to give it away, why not give it to the candiate of your choice in the Presidential race?

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Why do you folks pick on Ron Paul, and the spending of money on behalf of his campaign?

How many of the people who are campaigning are going to become President? All of them except Ron Paul?

So it is clear that you folks are simply against freedom. Why is this clear? Because Ron Paul is the only major player who wants to expand freedom to what it used to be, and maybe more. And he is the only major player you seem to be trying to get to drop out of the race.

So, I want to thank you, again, as usual, for proving to all of us that you are part of the one-world, slave-making group that wants to make slaves of us all - worldwide slavery!

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
Entered on:

What's the point in arguing who pays more taxes when the issue is Ron Paul to quit anyday? Yes, my question is, why waste the money that the people contributed, when it is now clear that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Ron Paul to win any primary and in fact the end of his campaign is about to be announced?  No matter how much sugar you put to justify such waste of money, still it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. So PureTrust, you have to wise up ... and hold your fire, pal.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

PureTrust, my friend, your argument is correct if you pay more taxes than I. Not to shine my own boots, but my estimate is that I pay taxes about five times more in just one taxable year than the total amount you pay in five years. That means that you are no use to me than I am to you. My money goes to your welfare and Gov. grants which you and your family and your kind badly needed. Since it is the other way around, you are totally wrong in making false assumptions which unfortunately you are only good at. And by the way, your anti-government associate Larken Rose, a convicted tax felon, contributed to your welfare when he was "forced" to pay back taxes that he attempted to evade but IRS caught him red handed. That means you should no longer complain.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

C'mon, JV. The more money they spend on a RP campaign, the less they have to spend on food and gasoline. That means they have to go out and work to earn more money, which means they have to pay more income taxes, which means you and your buddies stand to get more in welfare and Gov grants. What's wrong with you, man? Think!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

It doesn't matter whether or not Ron Paul is prepared for any caucus state. What matters is his announcement to quit -- the sooner the better. No use of spending campaign money anymore when to drop out is about to be announced.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:
For Romney and Paul, a strategic alliance between outsider and establishment

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