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DEA investigates Montana state legislator for medical marijuana views

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A member of Montana's state legislature says the Drug Enforcement Agency began investigating her over support for medical marijuana laws.

State House Democrat Diane Sands tells the Missoulian she was contacted by a defense attorney with some unusual news: The attorney had been approached by the DEA who wanted to know whether Sands might be connected to one of the attorney's clients who had been charged with distributing marijuana.

"So now, if you're a state legislator who has been working on medical marijuana laws, you are somehow part of a conspiracy," said Sands. "It's ridiculous, of course, but it's also threatening to think that the federal government is willing to use its influence and try to chill discussion about this subject."


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Comment by David Jackson
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 Appears that someone in the "government" can read:  Sounds as though they've co-opted 16th century "church" techniques and tactics of thought control. Not too surprising, considering that we've entered the real world realm of the "end of civilization. We might as well revert to the ignorant dogma and machinations of the ever so popular atrocities of 5-600 years ago. Why not openly treat human beings like the animals and throwaways that you believe them to be? Afterall, the "authorities" are right...Right? Just ask them! We, as herd animals, can expect much more than what we are about to get...We asked for it...Actually, as I recall, we DEMANDED it! Think how much easier it will be for you and your kids to be enslaved or butchered and eaten after you've been disarmed!

 Boy, howdy!

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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Where the hell is the sheriff?

Comment by PureTrust
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See my several comments at.

They start, second comment from the bottom.