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Full Body Scanners At Super Bowl 2012


Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fans attending the 2012 Super Bowl on Sunday will face a new level of security in addition to pat downs before they are allowed to enter the Lucas Oil Stadium – full body x-ray scanners.

According to News reporter Matt Touchette, despite a congressional demand for an investigation into the machines following health concerns, the scanners will be part of the security set up in Indianapolis this weekend, marking the first time that the controversial devices have been used for a public sporting event.

“I was out for a stroll with the intention of snapping some photos for our blog when my travels took me to Lucas Oil Stadium of all places,” writes Touchette. “It was there that I stumbled upon a temporary Patriots street sign put in place close to the site of Super Bowl XLVI (appropriately). I then found myself walking into the side gates of the stadium, through intense security which included full body scanners and then down the tunnel onto the field.”


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You know what frightens me most about these scanners is not people seeing me, or feeling molested.... but criminals taking a very medically sophisticated fingerprint of my body and having the technology to target my organs remotely with evil intentions that make people become ill and they won't be able to prove the outside source.  I have actually read about this, my father alluded to it once, and I have spoken to people who have confirmed that these terrors are very real and used on threats to the criminal financial establishment already today.  I have suspicions about an ASU professor friend and another close female friend who just battled cancer, who in their 50s got very ill.  One, the professor died, after saying no to being on an ASU board as one of their multiple college state directors, confronting them candidly about their corruption.  Now, after the radio DJ who battled cancer, as soon as she is past that from natural remedies, now she is having the same symptoms as the professor.  It is pretty scary stuff!  Especially with people like John McCain owning businesses like Banner Health from behind the scenes.