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U.S. Moral Credibility Goes to Zero


Less than 10 years ago, the U.S. was, on paper anyway, against starting a war without being attacked. It was against aggression. Then came Bush 2. Then came preemptive war. Then came unprovoked attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Clinton's bombing in Yugoslavia and sanctions on Iraq were aggressions that led up to outright military attacks.

Now policy experts and Washington figures speak euphemistically of "preventive war," and they send the term aggression down the memory hole. They delete it, as in this document, which is concerned with only one thing, the success or failure of "preventive war" on Iran in achieving some goal like ending Iran's nuclear program or ending the regime now in power. The rightness or wrongness of aggression initiated by the U.S. does not even come up. Washington is oblivious to the very serious consequences of ignoring the moral aspects of its decisions. Perhaps I am naive, but I admit being shocked to see how quickly moral capital has been dissipated and uncivilized actions that violate rights have risen into acceptance in America. This deterioration in the respect for rights internationally is mirrored by a similarly shocking and like deterioration domestically. Such declines are plentiful historically. That's no surprise. The speed of it is what surprises me. How quickly it is that people abandon morality and/or change their concept of what is right and wrong. How quickly they abandon a long-accepted moral compass.


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And you thought the Mob was bad. Elliott Ness and the Untouchables would roll over in their graves ...