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A frightening picture of drug war reality

• Loretta Nall
In Andalusia, Alabama 16 people have entered guilty pleas for various crimes and offenses. One of those people, Christopher David Hughes, 32, plead guilty to "sexually abusing an intellectually disabled female family member. He has remained incarcerated in the Covington County Jail since his arrest in May." The paper goes on to inform us that Mr. Hughes had previously been convicted and incarcerated for raping a 15 year old girl. The judge and prosecutor agreed on a deal whereby Mr. Hughes will serve one year in prison. For raping an intellectually disabled female relative. Meanwhile nine of the remaining guilty pleas were from drug offenders. No mention of violence connected with their crimes of possession or manufacturing and certainly no mentally disabled rape victims in their wake. Yet the minimum sentence for this group was nearly three years and the maximum was 25 years on two drug charges. What's wrong with this picture? Who are you more afraid of walking the stre