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Ron Paul says Latinos have become 'scapegoats'

As the only Republican candidate for president to address Nevada's oldest Latino political organization Wednesday morning, Rep. Ron Paul got high marks for bravery. All were invited; only he showed up.

He was cheered by members of Hispanics in Politics when he talked about bringing American troops home from "wars we shouldn't be involved in."  The audience -- dozens of politically active Latinos who gathered in an eastside community center --  applauded Paul the civil libertarian when he slammed drug laws that unfairly target minorities.  They even cheered his defense of the gold standard.

Immigration, however, was another story.

The 12-term Texas congressman spent the better part of a 25-minute address thinking aloud about the thorny subject. He talked about how Americans are more accepting of outsiders when the economy is good, but when trouble looms there is a search for scapegoats.

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Comment by Terri Scheinuck
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You can only hope for that.

Votes like yours will only be cast for Same Ol, Same Ol.  (R) or (D) doesn't matter.

We do need change again, Obama's change,for the past 3 years,has been killing, humans, governments, countries, wildlife, family finances, jobs. 

 What else has he done,that has made anything, better in 3 years?  You have anyting?

I pray for your enlightenment and SOON.  WAKE UP it's important.


Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Ron Paul is again up in his campaign to create a "race war" among Americans. This is pathetic because his announcement to drop out of the race is just around the corner.

Resorting to this trick of attracting public attention in the last minute of the campaign to squeez out contributions from the gullible public and pocket more money is getting out of hand.