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Study: Toxicity and Abuse Of Sugar Warrant Regulations Akin To Alcohol and Tobacco

Researchers at the University of California (San Francisco) are calling for regulations. While that may seem odd from the home of Ghirardelli Chocolate and the original Ho-Hos, the researchers cite elevated risks for heart disease, liver failure and obesity in showing that the risks compare to harm from controlled substances. By the way, can you tell the difference between these pictures of sugar and crystal meth? The answer is below, but it appears there is less of a difference on some levels in terms of societal danger.

The researchers note the high toxicity of sugar and add the striking factoid that worldwide obese population now greatly outnumbers the undernourished population. That one surprised me.

They want to see added taxes and, what will be even more controversial, age limits on certain foods and drinks.

The research is found in the journal Nature, which notes that more than two-thirds of the population is overweight and half of them are obese. Those individuals will have shorter life spans on average and a higher rate of such problems as obesity.