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Family Furious After Calumet City Police Shoot, Kill Boy With Autism

• CBS News
Police in Calumet City were defending their actions Wednesday after officers shot and killed a 15-year-old boy, who has a form of autism, after he threatened them with a knife.

Stephon Watts’ family said he suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome — a high-functioning form of autism — and attention deficit disorder.


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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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proves the pigs are a bunch of chicken shit thugs  it is time to put a stop to this trash 

Comment by David Jackson
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 What a load of shit!

Properly trained, cops have a number of alternative force options against a "threat" from a knife-wielding assailant:  Shooting is one of them!

I don't give a damn if he had two knives, these big, strong, "heroes" of public seervice, and so-called "professionals", should have done just about anything but murder this young man! what a bunch of punk-ass losers! (Knowing these misfits for what they are still won't bring this kid back. You''ll understand how much of a threat to public safety law enforcement has become, when these smarmy, second-rate schmucks get off!) 

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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Just business as usual. Especially since the victim was black. These highly trained nazi thug killers with guns and badges have full sanctions to plunder, harm, abuse and even murder whom ever they get in their cross hairs with no accountability across this land. They always play a good dog and pony show in the after math of most fatal shootings and will sometimes throw the slaves a bone by firing the nazie if the slaves yell loud enough. 

Welcome to Amerkia.