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In Federal Suit, Man Claims DPD Stormed His House For No Reason, Beat the Hell Out of Him

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Cantu, a diesel mechanic, was making his lunch January 22, 2010, when he saw a few cops streaking across his yard. A deafening explosion shook the room as a flash bomb shot through the door. Nearly 20 officers crashed in.

"Get on the ground!" they allegedly ordered him. Cantu, according to the complaint, obliged and was zipcuffed. Inexplicably, the filing claims, the officers kicked and punched him until he was unconscious, lying in a pool of his own blood on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile, they searched his house and allegedly didn't find what they were after. Cantu's alleged butcher's bill: a broken orbital bone, a broken nose, a concussion, traumatic brain injury, a loss of vision in his left eye and loss of hearing in his left ear. According to his complaint, the "injuries required surgical intervention and caused significant scarring and disfigurement."

Cantu was arrested but never charged with a crime.

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Comment by James17
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If cops are practicing hand in hand with the US military over major cites in the US, then most likely every cities police force has been trained in some manor about a major breakdown of society that is PLANNED TO OCCURE, sometime this year of 2012. FEMA exercises in the New Madrid states using 50 thousands security officers without telling the public. Why? Not to panic the public that something is about to happen? or not to let the public know that something is PLANNED TO HAPPEN so that the public would raise up and have it stopped before it could occur. - Then again, because the public is saying, "NO WAR WITH IRAN", then something big is going to happen to shut them up. Let's get those HARRP programs shut down. The various under sea volcano's that have recently been erupting, when pinpointing their locations on a map and connecting them, you can see a dagger that points through many counties and into Winnipeg, Canada, then into the United States through major cities all the way down to Baton Rouge, LA. That is right through the heart of America. The dagger is an illuminati symbol. Thousands of police officers throughout this country, are not a part of the illuminati, but unknowingly work for that group of people that direct the events going on around the globe. Instead of working against the police, those that have families and a thinking mind, those that will not forsake their oath against the people of this nation, let us find a way of getting those officers working together with those that have uncovered these truths so that when the SHTF, they will be working along side of those that are out to help the public through whatever it is that the PTB have planned to frighten the population of this nation and the world. Those police officers need the people that know what is happening around the country just as we would want to have a thinking oath keeper police officer working together to keep this nation from being took over by blood thirsty, money hungry, devil worshippers, that will use, that date of terror to cause, pain, terror, destruction, blood and death. - I don't know all of the illuminati high days when they do something that causes pain, terror, destruction, blood and death, but I have understood that those days are certain to be a day something, someplace happens that shocks the world. May 1. May day. May pole. Not a children's day to play May pole, but an illuminati day for murder. Check out things that have happened on that day or within that time.

Comment by David Jackson
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 Business as usual!

Where are the "attempted murder" charges?

 Keep an ey on your front/back door; you could (will) be next, even if you aren't living in Texas. This sort of thing is fast becoming the hallmark of the "New Gestapo". And, since there is nobody who is willing or able to stop it, every citizen of the United States is in danger!

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