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George Carlin on American Foreign Policy - Bombing Brown People

• youtube (h/t Lew Rockwell blog)

You might be noticing I don't feel about that war the way we were told we were supposed to feel about that war. The way we were ordered and instructed by the United States Government to feel about that war; see my mind doesn't work that way, I got this real moron thing I do it's called THINKING....

And I'm not a really good American because I like to form my own opinions. I don't just roll over when I'm told to. Sad to say most Americans just roll over on command. Not me, not me. I have certain rules I live by, my first rule...

I don't believe anything the government tells me

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Comment by James17
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Yes, it is funny put to the audience as sarcasm, but what he spoke was the terrible truth about what the people of this nation have allowed to happen in those countries this nation has gone to war with. Can we take our nation back from that corporation we are living under now? No, if we sit back and do not learn our own history. Things are changing with those that know the truths, but still we are going to lose because millions of others will not say, 'No' about those things that come out of DC.