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Romney wins Nevada, Gingrich vows to stay in the race

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Mitt Romney won Nevada's Republican caucuses on Saturday night, grabbing the largest chunk of the state's 28 delegates in the race for the Republican presidential nomination and racking up his second consecutive victory, after winning Florida in the same week.

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Duplicitous Mormon doctrine:  The constitution will hang by a thread.... we will one day have a president while instilling love for America as uniquely American born religion.  But in 9th Grade Mormon Seminary in Mesa, Arizona Brother Cochran taught that the world would be of one mind, peaceful and communist!!!  COMMUNIST!  I was taught these things in a manner which never really said our president is going to save the constitution...  We all just assume it I guess.  They are very careful how they word things, especially why they don't like Christian crosses, nor will state the name of "Heavenly Mother."  (Male God's have thousands of wives).

Now if that doesn't prove that they are working as a banking cult with the other cartels... I don't know what does.  I confirmed this memory with my oldest friend who sat behind me in that Seminary class.  And yes, he remembers it too, and we both freaked out after going through a temple marriage.  We were also being taught about subliminal radio waves, etc.  (As though we should all be excited and not afraid of it). 

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Big shocker there, I mean he is a Mormon, they are a banking mafia and founded Nevada with Racketeering Jews like the Myer Lansky bunch, Nevada being the money-laundering tax-evading capital of the U.S.

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