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In Maine caucuses, it’s Romney vs. Paul


With the spotlight on Nevada, most people have probably forgotten that Maine’s caucuses also began Saturday.

Most of the state’s caucuses were set for on Saturday, but they continue this coming week and the results won’t be announced until Feb. 11. Delegates won’t actually be awarded, however, until the state convention in May.

Until this point, Ron Paul is the only GOP contender to have visited the state this cycle. Paul and Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who won the state four years ago, are considered the heavy favorites.

Maine Republicans say it’s a two-man race between Paul and Romney, one Romney is likely to win even though he has not yet personally visited the state in this presidential race.

Charlie Webster, the chairman of the Maine Republican Party, said Romney is an established brand in Maine, his good reputation buttressed by his tenure as governor of nearby Massachusetts. He has also fundraised for the state GOP.