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The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, January 30-February 3, 2012

This week's Images of the Week gallery includes a cocktail that looks, according to the person who made it, like an "alien brain hemorrhage," we've got the other side of that amazing "blue marble" picture of Earth, we've got a handmade net fort we are dying to play in, and we've got internal organs made out of elegantly rolled paper.

Moon-Printed Houses We've seen this idea before--Enrico Dini of D-Shape talked to us awhile back about a giant 3-D printer that'd print houses on the moon, out of moon-rocks and moon-dust. But a bunch of professors at USC created this futuristic mockup of their own version, and it looks great. Read more at FastCoDesign. Behrokh Khoshnevis, Anders Carlson, Neil Leach, and Madhu Thangavelu
Remember that beautiful "blue marble" pic from last week? You might've wondered where the eastern hemisphere was--last week's only showed the western. Well, NASA just published it on their Flickr stream for our enjoyment.

Anarchapulco 2023 728x90