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New Tell-All From Alleged JFK Teen Mistress Speaks Of Drug Use

Even if you think that JFK was a womanizer and a creep, your opinion of him will probably worsen after reading this new "tell-all" from Mimi Alford, who was a 19-year old intern in the JFK white House.

The New York Post has acquired a copy of the book, which is due to come out Wednesday, and it has some wild stuff.

The apparent affair between JFK and Alford was only part of it.

The book also talks about drug use, and Kennedy's efforts to get Alford to give a White House advisor oral sex.

“I was sitting next to him in the living room when a handful of yellow capsules — most likely amyl nitrate, commonly known as poppers — was offered up by one of the guests. The president asked me if I wanted to try the drug, which stimulated the heart but also purportedly enhanced sex. I said no, but he just went ahead and popped the capsule and held it under my nose.”

He didn’t try it himself.

“This was a new sensation, and it frightened me,” Mimi recalls. “I panicked and ran crying from the room.”

It wasn’t her first glimpse of Kennedy’s dark side.

“He had been guilty of an even more callous and unforgivable episode at the White House” during a noon swim. Powers had rolled up his pants to cool his feet in the water. “The president swam over and whispered in my ear. ‘Mr. Powers looks a little tense,’ he said. ‘Would you take care of it?’

“It was a dare, but I knew exactly what he meant. This was a challenge to give Dave Powers oral sex. I don’t think the president thought I’d do it, but I’m ashamed to say that I did . . . The president silently watched.”

Alford, then Mimi Beardsley, says that later the president apologized to them both.

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She'll make a ton of money, even if it is the truth.