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Is MegaUpload Tycoon Kim Dotcom part of the 1%?

• Silver Underground
The 1% rhetorical device that the Occupy Movement uses is pretty intellectually dishonest if you think about it. It gives the mob screaming “We are the 99%” the false impression that they somehow actually represent the opinions and political position of the vast majority of American society, which from a democratic mindset is actually pretty dangerous. It might give individuals the sense of moral authority to say... break windows, or vandalize private property. It also gives people the false impression those in the top 1% of income earners are somehow unified, or similar in some way, when in reality they may be quite diverse. According to the IRS the top 1% of income earners make $344,000 or more. That’s about what GOP front runner Mitt Romney made in speaking fees last year ($374,000) which he called “not very much” and about what President Barack Obama made in salary last year ($400,000). So, barring some tipping point where Ron Paul sweeps the rest of the primary, we’re likely lo

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